Making Serious Business Fun…

Angie has had many years working with business owners and teams, from small businesses, through to global companies. Having worked with individuals and teams in many different sectors, she has gained experience across all areas of businesses, from manufacturing and operations, through to commercial, marketing and HR departments.

In fact, to date over her career as a Mentor, Coach and Trainer, she has worked with over 600 different companies supporting them through Business Mentoring, Executive Coaching & Mentoring and Leadership & Management training.

She started her journey as a business owner in 2010, having spotted the opportunity to help others, supporting them in their development and being a catalyst in their route to becoming better leaders. Originally set up as ABC Business Support, the business was subsequently rebranded in 2013 to Evolution 4 Business Ltd.


Work can be hard, but there’s no reason not to enjoy it.

Recent client feedback we received:

“Supported Informative Progressive Comfortable Fun.”
– E, Jan 2020

“Armed with new tools to improve mine and my team’s performance, and given me simple yet powerful ideas to tackle people management issues.”
– J, Feb 2020

“You make each session so personal and friendly that I can openly say exactly how I feel.”
– L, Jan 2020

We believe that you should enjoy the work we do together. It will be challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable as a mirror is lifted up to you to raise self-awareness, but we will be in this together to create the polish and help you become even more successful as a leader.

Having good rapport with our clients is the most important aspect to ensure that we are comfortable working together, and at a basic level, there is trust. We will always have an initial meeting and chat over coffee to see how we are able to help you. This gives us both the opportunity to ensure we get the very best out of our sessions.

These sessions can be run either face to face, via video calls or by phone.

Why We Do What We do

Our Compelling Purpose:

Simon Sinek’s concept of “Start With Why”®, where he demonstrates that the greatest influencing leaders all think, act and communicate in the same way, in fact the opposite of everyone else. He calls this “The Golden Circle”®, a framework a business can use to have greater awareness and understanding.

Taking inspiration from this framework, our sense of purpose is to:

Instil self-belief & confidence, to improve and polish current skills and abilities

Enjoy empowering others to challenge their default position on leadership

Help individuals to explore new ways of thinking, to be brave, innovative and not be afraid of change

Thrive and love to see others succeed and break through their own mindset limitations

The desire to see leaders able to create and encourage the next leaders of the future

To help people find their mojo and passion again

Passion & enthusiasm are key to helping people unlock their thinking!

We truly care about our clients and our success is seeing others become the person they aspire to be, or never even thought they could be!

Vision & Values

Our Company Vision is the foundation of our business, underpinned by Our Values, which are at the very heart of it. We understand that Core Values are an integral part of what we do. Over the years we have been privileged to have individuals willing to share challenging situations in order to help them develop and grow, their honesty has been inspiring. Self-awareness and reflection gives them the chance to improve and shine.

Trust sits at the heart of any leadership element, and this is a key element for us when we work with our clients.

  • Integrity

  • Honesty

  • Supportive

  • To challenge

  • To build self-believe & awareness

  • To empower individuals

  • To encourage

  • To motivate

  • To inspire


We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we may be able to help support you, your teams and your business so please do get in touch!