Senior Leaders, Managers, Heads of Department & Supervisors

What we achieved:

  • We worked with our client to identify and fully understand the business challenges and future strategic plans, taking into consideration the company’s wish for succession planning and its overall people development plan.

  • After diagnosis, a fully Bespoke Leadership & Management Programme, recognised by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) was created which reflected all of the requirements for this particular company. This was adapted for different levels of seniority in the company.

  • The client fully embraced and supported all levels to ensure each individual on this Programme had an in-house coach and mentor to buddy with for additional help on a day to day basis.

  • Each individual successfully completed the Programme, and every layer of leadership fully understood their responsibilities, how to effectively lead and manage their teams and build on strategic awareness to contribute to the overall company business plans.

Services provided:

  • Initial discussions and interviews with key stakeholders to gain full understanding of their requirements.

  • One to One support from ourselves for the key Project Leaders who commissioned the Programme, to review this regularly for progress and updates.

  • Any changes to the Company’s business plans were included within the Programme, whether this was external legislation, different customer demands, new products, services, etc.

  • This ensured the Programme was always relevant and realistic.

  • The Programme was designed to give a blended approach of training to cover all types of learning styles. This also included supporting those where English was not their first language.

  • All workshops were highly participative and attendees were encouraged to complete homework between workshop sessions to embed the learnings on each topic into their day-to-day job roles.

  • This ensured all attendees were able to feedback in the following sessions with those areas that had been successful, those that had been more challenging and those they needed more support with.

  • One-on-one coaching & mentoring sessions were included inbetween the delivery of the modules to ensure momentum was achieved.

  • Team Building workshops were run at the beginning, the middle and the end of the Programme to measure success and improvements.