Building resilience, support and creating positivity in challenging times

How we lead and behave now will be remembered for a long time to come – Maintaining our Integrity and Values are absolutely vital right now.

To meet demand, we are introducing new support coaching & mentoring sessions for these unprecedented times.

Leaders are having so much additional pressure to adjust to not only working themselves in different ways, but also their teams.

The majority of people are now home-based, or working on a rota basis on-site with their fellow colleagues. As a Leader, we are being challenged to ensure we maintain motivation, engagement and support for our team members.

At the time when we are all affected deeply in lots of different ways, we’re all working to accept the current situation and environment and how to get the best from this.

It is vital that we are sensitive, supportive and helpful to ourselves and our teams.

“When our business lives return back to normality, how we behave now will be remembered and the effects felt for a long time to come.

As Leaders, we need to ensure we do the best we can for our teams now.”

What we can achieve:

  • An opportunity to reflect on challenges and priorities and how best to approach these.

  • Time out to give you headspace to think will be crucial, more than ever.

  • To help reduce the feeling of overwhelm and help to focus on the opportunities for the future.

  • During our mini 1-1 sessions, undertaken by Zoom, Teams or phone for a 30 minute/1 hour session, we will chat about the biggest challenges you are personally facing, how this impacts you, your team, the wider business.

  • Identify what you need to be focused on and work out steps to achieve this.

Services provided:

  • To support Leaders to enable them to have a safe, confidential, sounding-board to be able to offload, to lead our teams, manage ourselves whilst working in silo and adapting to being away from normal business environments, the sessions will focus on key areas that are important to you.

  • Engaging and communicating regularly will be paramount during this time and maintaining morale.

  • Our support will give you clarity, focus and direction whilst the current situation is ongoing.

  • We will help Leaders deal with the emotions, identify steps to manage teams in the most effective way and help to build resilience, balancing the expectations of achieving delivery of service/products and maintain business.

  • We will help to support you, by understanding the most important priorities, the biggest challenges and pressures and guide you to having strategies to taking positive steps to help yourself and your team.

For more information, please call us on 07827 952524 or email