Developing Corporate Strategy and Supporting Implementation of Transformational Change

What we achieved:

We worked with our client to understand fully their thought process and plans, ensuring all directors of the Company were working from the same place to achieve their goals. Elements included:

  • Strategic:

    Helping the Company to re-consider and update its Business Plans, to better reflect the commercial opportunities and their own personal goals; helped to write a Business Continuity Plan as there were areas of potential vulnerability which needed addressing.

    Identified the need to update and create more detailed financial reporting systems, planning, budgetary controls and introducing KPI’s.

    Planning for future expansion with regards to resourcing – people, equipment, premises and other investment possibilities.

  • Internal:

    Working closely with the owners and teams to identify processes and systems, creating detailed work plans and a Procedures Manual for improved productivity, removing duplicate tasks.

    Each member of the team was trained in the streamlined approach.

    Identifying better technology which could synergise with other systems to help with scheduling key projects to meet deadlines.

  • People:

    Reviewing and updating job descriptions, roles and responsibilities from top level through to all team members.

    Identifying training requirements and also looking into opportunities for Apprenticeships for succession planning in the future.

    Introduced an Appraisal System for all teams.

  • Culture:

    Working with the owners, identified the key Values for their business, and helped to communicate these to their employees.

    Improving communication between departments to help reduce blame culture.

  • Sales & Marketing:

    Worked closely with the company to identify key sectors for future opportunities, whilst maintaining excellent standards of reward and recognition for existing customer base.

    Developed a Supplier Agreement template to accurately record all pertinent details and measure SLA’s required.

    Helped to guide on content for a brand new website, in partnership with the Web Designers.

  • Services provided:

    Regular mini focused workshops for the directors to identify key areas of development and review progress.

    One to one coaching & mentoring support for senior directors to help maintain momentum and achieve key actions. This also supported individuals with their own Leadership development.

    Working with different members of the team to analyse and better understand internal processes and systems, including the customer journey and how this might be improved.

    Introducing ‘specialists’ in different industries to help support with some of these key areas to ensure the change was smooth. For example, an HR specialist with whom we refer to deal with new contracts, changes in roles, and other HR issues; a Web Designer and Developer to provide the technical guidance to create a fully optimised website; Business Accountant to support with detailed analysis and key reporting functions.